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Solar panel loans are similar to home improvement loans that homeowners have used for decades to build a deck or add a second bathroom to their homes. When a homeowner borrows money from a lender, they agree to pay it back, plus interest, in monthly installments over the loan term.

Solar panel loans have the same basic considerations as other types of loans.

Lower interest rates result in lower overall costs for borrowers. Loans with shorter terms will generally have higher monthly payments and lower total costs over the life of the loan. Solar panel loans can be either secured or unsecured, which results in a wide array of interest rates, term lengths, and credit requirements among loan offerings.

You can get a $0-down solar loan today from one of our great lenders below:

Solar Purchase

Buy solar panels outright up-front and see immediate monthly savings on your power bill.

  • No monthly payment 
  • Product & workmanship warranty
  • Easy worry-free Monitoring 
  • Upfront cost, keep Federal tax credits & State incentives as applicable 

Solar Loan

Pay for your panels over time with an affordable monthly payment.


  • Low monthly payment to financing partner
  • Product & workmanship warranty
  • Easy worry-free Monitoring
  • No upfront cost
  • Keep Federal Tax Credit (ITC) or monetize the ITC in the financing to keep monthly payment low
  • State Incentives (SREC/TREC) and Rebates


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