Residential Energy

Utility rates tend to rise unpredictably in many markets all over the country. It is now more affordable for homeowners to switch to solar power.

Solar energy is currently the most cost effective (full return on investment is possible within 5 years), dependable (25 year warranties are the industry standard) and easily attainable source of renewable energy available to homeowners.

The price of solar energy from Azimuth is typically lower than the current cost of electricity customers purchased from their utilities. Our quotes contain customized estimates of projected savings so you can make an informed, confident decision about going solar.

Azimuth Renewable provides solar energy agreements that substantially reduce the cost of your electric. Depending on which plans make most sense for you based on your needs, you could save hundreds or even thousands per year. The longer you have your system the more money you save. 

In addition to designing and engineering your system, Azimuth Renewable fulfills all the necessary paperwork required to connect you to the grid. We also provide you with our industry leading 5 YEAR INSTALLATION GUARANTEE providing you with years of worry free service. Our solar program will substantially LOWER the cost of a homeowner’s electric. 

Did you know the US government offers a 26% tax credit on installed solar power systems? With the proper tax appetite based on tax obligation this federal tax credit can be utilized in year one (1) or even up to five (5) years, regardless of how much your installed system costs. In addition to the 26% federal tax credit, your state may offer Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SREC). This tax rebate is paid upon the signing of the contract to install your solar power equipment.

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