For most nonprofits, the second largest expense after salaries is the electric bill. Reduce that bill with a PPA option, where your organization can capture more of its internal donations and direct those savings to where it really matters. 

No $ upfront - Savings start the 1st year!

Azimuth Renewable takes a strong interest in helping Non-Profit Organizations such as Churches to become independent from the volatile Electric Utility rates and for them to be replaced with clean, cost-effective technology that will provide lower and predictable energy costs for the next 20+ years and beyond with a commercial solar installation; saving that organization thousands of dollars. We want Churches to become more fiscally responsible by lowering operating expenses with solar. We look at taking the responsibility to serve our community by giving back through our 'Give-Back Program’. 

Give-Back Program

Azimuth Renewable’s Give-Back Program is designed exclusively to bringing solar power and energy efficiency to churches and charitable organizations which are tax-exempt entities and help their community members within.  

  • Azimuth will contribute $750 dollars to your organization when a member of your organization goes solar. 
  • Azimuth will contribute $300 dollars to your organization and 300 dollars to the referee for installs outside of your organization. 


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